Franck Hétroy-Wheeler

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Professor in computer science at the University of Strasbourg since september 2017.

This means I am both:

  • and a researcher in the Engineering science, computer science and imaging laboratory ICube.


Topic: 3D digital shape analysis and understanding.

Keywords: digital geometry processing, segmentation, reconstruction, geometric and topological feature computation.

See my former page for more details on my research work.

Master proposals 2018 :


  • Data Structures and Algorithms for 2nd year bachelor students in computer science (Autumn 2017)
  • Algorithms and programming for 1st year bachelor students in math and computer science (Spring 2018)
  • Digital geometry for 1st year master students in computer science (Spring 2018)


Lab. iCube, IGG team

300 bd Sébastien Brant

CS 10413

F-67412 Illkirch Cedex, France


Tel.: +33 (0) 368 854 555