Dominique Bechmann

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Professor in Computer Science at University of Strasbourg

Teacher at Computer Science Department, UFR Mathematic and Computer Science, Sciences Collegium

Researcher at ICube Lab.


Domain : Computer Graphics and Geometry

Key words : Geometric modeling, 3-D interaction in virtual reality

Current works :

  • Free-form deformation : state of the art around Dogme,
  • 3-D modeling : topological models and reconstruction of human organs,
  • 3-D interaction in virtual reality.


Levels : Graduate (Bachelor) and post-graduate (Master) in Computer Science

Domains :

  • Algorithm and Programming
  • Computer Graphics
  • Geometry, Computational Geometry
  • Geometric Modeling, Deformation and Animation, Virtual Reality.

see also my page at the Computer Science Departement

A brief resume

Since 1996 : Professor in Computer Science at University of Strasbourg

  • Head of IGG Computer Graphics and Geometry research group from 1997 to 2022
  • Head of master ISI Computer Science and Sciences of Image from 2009 to 2018
  • Vice-Head of LSIIT Lab from 2009 to 2012
  • Head of Experts Comity in Computer Science at University of Strasbourg from 2010 to 2018
  • Organizing AFIG-EG France 2005 in Strasbourg november 28-29-30, 2005 at IRCAD

1990-96 : Associate Professor in Computer Scienceat University of Strasbourg

  • In charge of the Master of Computer Science at University of Strasbourg from 1992 to 1997

1989-90 : Postdoc researcher at the Thomas Watson Research Center, Yorktown heights, IBM Corporation

1986-89 : Ph.D. student at the Centre Scientifique d'IBM France, Paris


December 13th, 1995 : Habilitation to supervise research at Strasbourg University on "Deformation model for geometric modeling and animation"

19 Juin 1989 : Ph.D thesis at Strasbourg University on "Definition and manipulation of free form surfaces"

1986 : Master of Science in Computer Graphics (Major) at Strasbourg University



Dominique BECHMANN
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